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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Life After Emirates

My goodness it’s been a ROLLER COASTER! And not the kiddy kind, I’m talking, full on Universal Studios super fast, extra crazy roller coaster! 

I came back home to recenter a little bit since I was an emotional wreck the month before leaving Dubai for good, and I’ve done pretty well.

So let me catch you up, in 2 months I:

Started working as a Social Media Manager & Strategist.

Passed the first module of the Digital Marketing Analyst certification.

Got rid of my camera shyness by going on an Instagram Live with my friend Pedro.

Officially launched my business on Social Media.

Fair enough, I did all of this with a meltdown or two sprinkled in between, but I’m freaking proud of myself! 

Now…to the point: I thought I would abandon this blog, but there was a little ray of light that shone my way, and I decided that I would continue writing, and definitely I would continue to write a post or two about my career ex: aviation. 

This might seem like a random post, but trust me: it is not. 

I started jotting my thoughts down because after doing that Instagram Live, I received so many messages of people whose dream is to be a flight attendant, despite the pandemic. 

It was such a pleasant surprise! We can all agree that it is a difficult time for aviation, but hey! Nothing lasts forever, even negative situations. So I decided to speak my truth to those who are still pursuing their flying dreams.

I had so many people ask me if I missed the job I so proudly did for ten years, or if I would go back to flying at some point. 

The answer is: HECK NO. I would not go back and I do not miss it. 

But before you peg me as a hater hear me out for just a sec:

I’m actually not going back because I feel like I have closed that chapter of my life, and even though I am grateful for it (and would do it  again if I went back in time!), it’s not something I feel identified with anymore. 

For starters, life “on Earth” is so different from what I remembered. 

Days used to go by slowly, now: they just fly by. The irony! 

Mostly, I think it’s because I’m enjoying my days so much more, I’m sleeping better, I’m eating healthier, which (to me) translates to living a better life.

Reality is: I’ve changed, and so has the aviation industry. 

The stories I hear from my flying friends depict a completely different reality of what I experienced as cabin crew, I’m not saying it’s all bad, I’m just saying it has changed, and those changes do not align with who I am today. 

Frankly, even if everything was still the same, my old job does not align with who I am today, either. 

The good thing is: whoever goes into the industry fresh, they will know the new challenges they will have to face, which I believe is easier than for someone who lived through the previous reality to have to transition from how we used to fly, to how it needs to be done now.

Traveling is something I see myself doing (if this pandemic allows me to), so it’s not about “settling in one place” I do want to do the whole digital nomad thing, I just don’t feel like the cabin crew job fulfills me the way it used to. 

And that’s because, despite what the glorious marketing teams of these airlines try to show you, the truth is: it ain’t a glamorous job. So many hours with no sleep, picking up people’s trash, baby-sitting passengers (and I mean ADULT passengers), cleaning up vomit, dealing with drunk passengers, that’s (part) of the price you pay. 

I’m just not in a place where I want to pay that price anymore, and that’s okay!

Oh man but…the PERKS.

They are so wonderful that you would be a fool to have the price be the thing that puts you off pursuing your cabin crew dreams.

Yes, it’s a lot of hard work, but the whole having-breakfast-in-New-York-and-having-a-picnic-at-the-Champs-du-Mars-in-Paris-the-next-day thing is real. And they are of the greatest experiences and memories of my life! 

Here’s a message of hope: even if the current situation is not the best one for aviation, things will get better. People will travel again and airlines will need their hard-working crew, and this means recruiting will start again at some point. 

So if this is your dream, to either fly for the first time or continue to fly: do not let anything get in the way of you achieving it.

Granted, you will have to wait for a little bit longer than you expected to achieve your goal, but things happen when they are meant to happen. So keep going, and enjoy the ride to the most wonderful destination: you achieving what you desire the most!

Are you currently pursuing your flying or other dreams?



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