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About Me

Hey there!

I'm Veronica and I’m from Uruguay, a small undiscovered jewel in Latin America.
I guess you can say I have always been “geographically challenged” I grew up partly in New Jersey and have been living in Dubai since 2010, working as a flight attendant for one of the top airlines in the world.

Because a movie-like pandemic changed my life (I'm sure it changed yours, too!), I lost my job and was pushed to gather all my courage and reinvent myself.

I’m an ESL Instructor turned Content Creator turned Blogger, level two Reiki practitioner, mindfulness advocate, meditation enthusiast, yoga amateur and adventure lover.

Having been cabin crew for such a long time, there is a part of me that loves and/or craves traveling. So I sold all of my belongings and decided to move around and dedicate myself to write about things that interest me and will (hopefully) interest you, too. I think it's called being a digital nomad.

To me, everything is about honesty. I want this blog to reflect my journey as I travel around and make big changes. Showing vulnerability by sharing true, helpful and optimistic information is part of that. Who knows? It may help you live a mentally healthier and more positive life, or even feel like the support you need if you're also going through a lot.

I hope you join me, so that during these (scary) changes we can all feel a little less alone. 

Let’s be positive, be kind and be mindful.

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